Thursday, March 31, 2005


So here's the thing. The Earth is alive. Every biologist I've met agrees; most balanced, informed opinions, it seems, would have to at least accept certain key arguments.

When there are changes in the wider fields of existence, for example the weather, there would naturally also be changes in other of the major subsystems of Earth. Like humanity.

If you step back and consider the implications of storms occurring in weather because humanity heats it up (and it does seem that the Earth was already heating up FWIW,) and the serious implications of so many of our current most peculiar storms in the minds of collective humanity, , I feel obliged to re-examine many assumptions I have held regarding identitiy. We are all in this together, one way or another, it's one of our strongest liberal arguments.

It seems to me that the nature and origin of identity bear heavily in our experience of reality. It also seems very natural to me that as humanity has become so explicitly intertwined on a coherent, global set of levels, that we also see noticeable continental dynamics at play.

This is a rearrangement of ideas as we "moderns" are concerned.

There are many ancient traditions which share a much more presently integral way of being. (That is to say, we approach the Now more elegantly as we appraise ourselves more honestly. There is more about this but not tonight ;> )

The thing for us (at least for you some who do me the favor of reading) tonight is that it is very likely, if not an established reality that we will see considerably more and more powerful earthquakes.

Iran, Turkey. The northern aspect of the valley of the San Andreas, methinks. Watch, watch polar quakes. I strogly suspect aspects of that involved with magnetic dynamics. But strict theory will also have to wait for another night.

Everybody is really used to big quakes on the West Coast of the Sun, too. And check this out- so often people would be amazed. But we treat it like a big deal when it hits areas of geo-political significance. Perhaps I can see how the press might actually be somewhat obliged to softplay some of its presentation, but those of us who make a point of paying attention to things, such as, say, Jared Diamond's work should also note these basic things. It also stands to reason to me that many of our ruling "elite" would appreciate knowing such trends are occurring.

I really do hope someone takes me up on these ideas of mine, too. It seems to me there is nearly ready to be an information leap of some sort soon, and likely across many key areas of significance.

It is to the quick if we get with the fact that this is a very simply a form of heavy magic. It has been of interest to me for some time that the fist to get this would be the atomists, but that as well is for another night.



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