Saturday, March 26, 2005

On Billmon, blogging and all that.

Not that I expect any one of my one anda-half regular readers are actually fans of the blogoshpere, but here is why I still like Billmon.

Backstory: Billmon is perhaps one ofthe greatest writers of the blogosphere. He, however, works in the belly of the beast - as many who write online do - but feels it a bit much.

He went through some public agonizing a while back, quit, came back, quit again, left his site up (but just sitting there) for five, six weeks without posting and then just started up again, but without actually writing anything, just cut-and-pasting cross references(!).

I don't care. He gets it in a way very few do. Dig through his archives and find the economic analyses- he rivals Krugman, but is not limited by column length or ties to the Gray Lady. Beyond that, when he writes, he has a way with words that kicks all our asses.

Who are we then to hold his anguish against him. Why else do any of us do this? It's an outlet, just as the Cunning Realist alleges in this also very well written piece that all lefty bloggers should read for lots of different reasons.

So that's part of the spectrum and part of the culture. And damn if I could take it either being that close to the Horror.

Cheers, y'all.



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