Monday, April 04, 2005

Blgging from work- will be brief!

But I wanted to get this in.

The conversation going on over at Digby's (see links on sidebar) about the enforceability of the culture of life, via the theocrats, etc. misses a critical point.

This point is often forgotten, and is one of the few Q.E.D's in contemporary political moralism. Very simply I can take my own life. Given this, why is it not granted that I can extend this power to others?

Personally I believe in a fairly radical personal sovereignty. Drug use, self mutilation, whatever, by the right of adulthood, go for it.

The question I like to look at (and will, here, before I sleep tonight) is why this is so hard to address today in a reasonable manner...


At 3:13 PM, April 05, 2005, Anonymous sillydog said...

It makes my head ring to hear these people refer to their agenda as the "culture of life." This from people who support the death penalty? They only want you to live if you're not really alive.

Even the left uses their doublespeak. Someone clever and evil once said that you can make any statement you want on page one and the retraction will run tomorrow on page 6.

Someone who really was into life would take steps to make sure human life was full of dignity. The rising level of morbidity in this country (along w/ our abyssmal infant mortality rate) is a direct result of their policies.

Let's face it Sam, it's a crime to be poor in this country, even if you don't sit down in Sata Cruz.


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