Tuesday, April 19, 2005

a little deeper in...

One thing I've been wanting to get back blogging for is to get a little deeper into some of my concerns for our current situation vis-a-vis the christian right, This particualr bit is not entirely about it, and I promise to return to this topic in a less hastily written piece, but I think you will see where it fits in.

Many people have noted that there are few people today whose minds are swayed by new arguments or facts. This is a relatively recent phenomenon not in its occurence but in its intensity. Many supporters of Nixon, for example, I imagine must have been swayed by Watergate. In fact I read that this was a crushing blow to many who had held near saintly views of the Presidency. (I strongly suspect exaggeration, given what I have been able to glean of the rough edges of the "Greatest" generation, however...) The point is that had the people I knew in the eighties been exposed to something as clear cut as Abu Ghraib, many would have abandoned St. Ronnie and left him in the dust. (Iran Contra, on the other hand was not at all clear in its implications.)

My question, that I am working towards in my haphazard, unedited way, is this: Is politics dead?

The foundation of democracy is that people make decisions after weighing issues. Without that, there is only the play for dominance by one group over another. That only one group has the taste for dominance explains much of our current cultural and political morass.


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