Monday, November 21, 2005

Torture and the Gorgon

Our crunchy brains open and reveal digusting movements.

We have never been more civilized then our worst impulse, and historically, cultures of great refinement condone behaviors of great cruelty.
You are not guilty, we are all merely alive, fighting gravity to remain on two legs.
Never expect tolerance that a person has not had taught from a young age or else earned through pivotal experiences of their own.
Most people fear and avoid pivotal experiences without ever knowing why they do so.

Movement, movement stimulates your prolonged presence on the indifferent couch.
Exercising judgements of taste is not participating in Democracy.
Cultivating refinement is not participating in Democracy.
Nothing you do is participating in Democracy, Democracy is a myth, a gentle fable we exercise at our peril.

Lift your mind up and move with a purposeful heart.
Only engaging a dream worthy of dreaming is daring enough.
You are only risking your trembling, weaker than you think foundations.
Breathing with your whole face is participating in Reality.
Buildings come and go, but our simple breathing moves us far beyond this time.
Society's various shapes today and tomorrow are built on the smallest currents of Reality breathing.

Where do you place your weight?


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