Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Truth about Magic

Magic, of course, is real and happening all around us. Magic is much more pervasive than we often think. We take it for granted a lot.

One consequence of taking magic for granted is that we do not realize how much difficulty, hard work and sacrifice is involved. Most of the time this heaviness is borne by a cosmic property of our very environment. Where is the balancing hard work that supports the graceful spider's web, for example? It is distributed through the natural universe and carried by the fierceness of the world's that eats and decomposes all around us all the time. We humans mostly do not see this, though it seems certain we are able to.

We can become much more involved in magic than we usually are. Prophets and artists and leaders carry great magic in their movements. A casual survey of biographies will attest to the profound and ubiquitous burdens that accompany their granduer.

Not everyone is interested in this route, of course, but many become parents over the course of their lives and even the hardest-harted among us cannot but be touched by the immediacy of magic present in child-rearing. Oh but what a weight it is sometimes, and for those unprepared, or who have wandered outside of the structures built by successive generations to help us bear the burden of this magic, well, this can be a challenge undreamt of.

Everyone has some magic in thier lives. The challenges of exposing people to their own magic is especially acute in this day when so many of the devoted magical thinkers are often acting in anger and fear, trying to destroy the Truth that we are all interconnected. People are hard at work attacking science today, and the struggle between science and magic has been well documented. Our challenge, if we are intitiates (for lack of a better word), is to bring the magic of our lives in a way that transcends this conflict.

Science is not immoral but amoral, and the conflict with the magical aspect of reality comes with the misapprehension of the role that science plays in the larger framework of our knowing. We can know and ackowledge science while revivifying the magic of our roots in reality.

We can find a deeper truth if we are bold in our dreaming, but we will have to bear a burden of unusual measure, for ours are interesting times, and the fabric of society is being rent and rewoven daily, and often by our own hands. Thus we had better be serious about building our capacity for energetic movement. Oh what a thing that is.


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