Monday, December 05, 2005

And when the foot comes down... better know where you're at.

The really ugly follow up (or kicker, sorry) is this: With a dominant Air Force and a dominant Navy, but a vastly weakened Army, it is ever more likely that we would have to resort to a draft in a crisis.

It's easy to say that it could never happen, but a Democrat could do it. A Democrat would be pressured to do it if there was, say, an eruption of the much ballyhooed Wider Regional Conflict in the Middle East.

And how could that happen? Well, you have a new group of combat fanatics and torturers with tons of private money backing them (who, as Digby wisely points out, aren't going anywhere, no matter how many troops leave Iraq), and a small but vociferous community who think we should've won, and a group of completely unscrupulous political operatives who hate not being in power and could very easily see an opportunity to work something.

It's a scenario. I'm not a tin-foil hat paranoiac, nor do I belive the tides of history can be that easily scryed. I am very concerned, and I want to underscore just how unstable a set of political factors we're going to be faced with.


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