Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ariel Sharon Hospitalized for Stroke

Well, if he wasn't 77, I'd say it sucks to throw the Isreali Right-Wing party into dissarray. You make a lot of enemies, definately some of whom could arrange for you to have a stroke.

Given his age, it's no sure thing, but it is an interesting coincidence.

In the Guardian aritcle on the topic this paragraph near the end cought my eye. (via True Blue Liberal)

Mr Sharon has never spoken openly about how he moved from being a major supporter of Jewish settlement in Palestinian areas to being the first premier to withdraw from settlements. He has also not spelled out the political direction he wants his new party to take so he would leave no clear legacy for the party he created. "Sharon is driven by the late recognition of the necessity of fixing Israel's borders as a matter of vital national importance. He has not disclosed the reason for his change of heart because he felt that it would incur too much political resistance to his plans," said Mr Ezrahi.

Well, I hope he's got it down in his journals. Sharon is clearly no peacenik, but by his recent change of heart on this issue, he has become a very interesting political figure. Remember that he could almost certainly be tried for war crimes for his role in Lebabnon in the early 80's, if anybody had the guts and resources to do it, and he swept into office by provoking the second intefadah. Vacating Gaza (and subsequently splitting Likud) was a bold, clumsy move, and it will etch Sharon's name deeply into the history books. I hope he is well.


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