Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Holidays!!

So this has been getting under my skin a bit, but the lovably anonymous posting ricky.zee over at Bottle of Blog hits the nail on the head with this one:

I could rant. But this "War On Christmas" defies any rant. It's so goddammed stupid, if you started mocking it, today, you wouldn't even be halfway done by the time God, Almighty blew the sun out of the sky for once and for all.

It really should be the final--and this time we're serious!--knife in the heart of modern conservatism. I mean, if the record setting deficits of the last three fiscally conservative presidents weren't enough, if the expansive ginormous government of the last three "small government" conservative presidents weren't enough, if the total lack of accountability and personal responsibility from the last three conservative presidents weren't enough...

...and we won't even mention the entire philandering, profiteering, and prison bound conservative leadership in Congress...

...then this really ought to do it. I mean, it really should.

The War On Christmas???

There's no War On Christmas, you fucking morons. Not by Soros. Not by the ACLU. Not by your major department stores.

None. Not now. Not ever. None.

And, contrary to his honorable protestations, he does go on to rant. And he should, he's very good at it.

What he doesn't mention, and what no one seems to have mentioned, is that the supposed "defense of Christmas" crowd are really, in fact, spouting anti-Semitism.

Now, it seems very obvious to me that this whole drama is just a red herring to keep the fanatic base from noticing that there is actual news happening all over the place these days. After all, one Congressman has resigned and another seems poised to fall soon, and Tom DeLay is in deep doo-doo, and Karl Rove is not much better off... Better whip up something nice and juicy, right?

Well, ok, but, what exactly are we saying here? Only Christmas is a legitamate holiday this time of year? Leaving aside the glaringly obvious fact that New Years' Eve is something everybody outside of Mormons and cultists celebrate, what's left? Oh yeah, Hannukah. Not acceptable, apparently.

As much as the ugliness regarding gay marriage around the election in '04, this shows the brutal ugliness that lies not far under the surface of the modern evangelical movement.



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