Friday, December 16, 2005

I've been thinking about 2008.

I want to make bumperstickers like the "Wellstone!" ones that at least everyone in MN recognizes. I want to make ones that say "Hillary?" over a solid blue background. I think that most clearly sums up my feelings.

Though of course if it were to be Hillary against either McCain or Giuliani, well, I'd work my ass off for Hillary. What's that, you don't mind McCain? Give that man control of the military for one term and I guarantee you you'll take it all back. He may stand for ethics and morality within the service, but what he would do with his ethical army would be like to make Paul Wolfowitz blush. This is a man who believes in the use of military force.

Hillary, of course, would likely be just as bad, given that she would have to overcome the double toughness stigma of being a Democratic Woman. Hell, she might just nuke somebody. But I don't think so.

I don't care who it is, the Dems need to learn to be tough, and I mean in terms of facing the onslaught of the Very Conservative Media. Maybe Hil's the one to learn the lesson.

I've always thought it out like this: In the NBA, when opposing teams play against the L.A. Lakers in Los Angeles, they know ahead of time that they're just going to put up with certain calls made by the refs on behalf of the home team. It is unlike any other relationship in the league, and it has everything to do with TV ad revenue when the Lakers win. The Democrats are always playing against the home team. It's all about the power of the country club power lunch and pleasing your boss. I cannot imagine a circumstance where the Dems would be t liely to be treated fairly by the mass media group-think. There's just too much culture clash and steroetyping.

The sooner the Dems realize this, and start playing for the win and not for the refs, the sooner they will have a chance to win real popular approval. Because from outside the bubble, many Americans have an intuitive sense of this dynamic, and of how the Dems should respond.

The question is, who will take on Citibank? And by Citibank I mean the whole financial/insurance/pharma/agricultural/international trade sector of the economy that gives contributions and poer to the Joe Bidens and John Kerrys of the world. Because if that's the coaching staff (to extend the metaphor), then what does it mean to play for a win?


At 2:50 AM, December 17, 2005, Anonymous panoptican said...

I definitely buy a "Hillary?" bumper sticker even though I own no bumper.


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